Welcome to Speltham Contracts Limited

So you want some building done – for yourself or a client!  What’s it going to be?  A factory, your new home, a church, an office block or have you decided to alter your own premises after all?


(Or perhaps you are advising your client)


Whichever one it is, you’ll want a sound, well designed structure, built with care and needing little maintenance.


You will want it at a price you can afford.  You will want a fixed price so that you know where you stand financially. You will also need to know when it will be finished, so that you can make you own arrangements.  You don’t want any hassle; just to be left in peace to get on with you own job, knowing that the building work is going according to plan is completely organised.


So what’s it to be?


  Industrial   Commercial
  Ecclesiastical   Educational
  Sports or Social   Housing
  Refurbishment   Alterations


Speltham can do it, and have done it!